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Fusion Splicing

Fusion de Fibre Optique

Fusion Splicing

The fusion splicing of optical fibres is indispensable to the development of telecommunications networks. The technique joins fibre optic cables together in order to ensure network continuity. It is employed, for example, to facilitate increased customer usage, for extension to a larger geographic area, to relieve traffic on specific sections of a network, and so on.

If the optical fibre fulfils multiple purposes, expert fusion splicing is critical for the precise functioning of the network. Some examples are:

  • Finely-tuned parameters that respond to geographic zone requirements
  • Highly-personalized customer service
  • Best possible utilization of the telecommunications network (load/usage not uniform across the network)

TRJ TÉLÉCOM possesses advanced expertise in fusion splicing

There are but a few who can call themselves masters in the profession of fusion splicing. TRJ TÉLÉCOM is a company that falls within that category. With our profound knowledge of networks and cutting-edge equipment, we are well-positioned to offer a complete range of high-tech services and materials. Our staff is fully trained and accredited to work on the gamut of networks (overhead and underground).

Here is a glimpse of what TRJ TÉLÉCOM can do for you:

  • Deployment of a FTTH network
  • Extension of your network
  • Diagnostic and repair of a fully-optical network (OTDR, OSA)
  • Re-organization and simplification of your network
  • Interventions on an active network

Do you have a project that requires fusion splicing? We can help.

For information or to put us to work, contact a member of our staff at our Montréal offices.

Need Expert Advice ?

Do you have a job involving the fusion splicing of optical fibres? We can help.

Just contact a member of our staff in Montréal.

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