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Installation of Ducts in Open Trench

Pose de conduits en tranchée

Installation of Ducts in Open Trench

Despite the many advantages of laying cable by directional drilling, sometimes traditional trenching is the best solution. For instance, the client may be dealing with certain technical constraints and requires full access to the duct structure.

There are undisputed benefits to trenching: 

  • Complete access to the underground ducts
  • Greater flexibility with otherwise strict requirements in the client’s standards

TRJ TÉLÉCOM lays cable by trenching

For several years now, TRJ TÉLÉCOM has been installing duct structures and cable through traditional excavation methods. This may be a necessity when client standards and requirements that must be met including full access to the duct structure. Our staff’s experience and the proper excavation (and other) equipment offer a turnkey solution in which the client is personally guided through the particularities of the project.

Here are some of the situations in which traditional trenching is the proper solution:

  • Cement must be poured around the duct structure
  • The surrounding space is unsuitable for the application of directional drilling
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