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Network Modernization and Maintenance

The telecommunications world continues to evolve at an exponential rate. Every day, we’re bombarded with business solutions: the Internet, VoIP, digital television in high definition, etc. Whatever the choice, one thing is certain: you need increased bandwidth to support these solutions and for that, you need a network that is up to date and up to the task. And for that…you need expert guidance to keep your telecommunications in step with the market.

The benefits of a regularly and well-maintained network include:

  • The best use of your company’s telecommunications system
  • Greater productivity (sufficient transfer rate, proper equipment, etc.)

TRJ TÉLÉCOM will modernize and maintain your telecommunications network

TRJ TÉLÉCOM’s approach is based on analysis and guidance. Our staff will bring specific solutions that answer your specific needs. Whether it’s modernization of your network or simply conducting maintenance, you get a complete solution … and a weight off your shoulders.

Some of the services offered by TRJ TÉLÉCOM include:

  • Updates on your standard operating procedures
  • Analysis and design according to the new demands of your network
  • Permit applications for the addition or dismantling of cables
  • Field studies of your existing network from geo-referenced maps

Do you want to modernize your telecommunications network or perform maintenance on it?

Contact one of our professionals at the Montréal office.

Need Expert Advice?

Is it time to modernize your telecommunications network or perform maintenance on it?

We can do that for you. Contact our Montréal offices.

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