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Our Management Team

Notre équipe de direction

Our Management Team

Pierre Trudel

President, Partner

For Pierre Trudel, telecommunications is a family affair. He has worked in the field since 1990, but his studies were in civil engineering. This is what has led naturally to a productive blend of expertise in construction and telecommunications. The son of an entrepreneur, he has observed technologies evolve since he was very young. Pierre is a man of action and discipline. He possesses extraordinary vision and understanding of the industry and marketplace. As our leader, Pierre sees that the entire staff works to reach and surpass clients’ goals and expectations.

Charles Jolicoeur

Vice-Président, Partner

Here is an entrepreneur at heart. In business since the age of 17, Charles Jolicoeur puts a great deal of energy into bringing people together to meet common goals. A veteran of the construction industry, he has well-developed management and negotiation skills. His robust business sense has opened a myriad of business opportunities which have resulted in TRJ TÉLÉCOM’s steady growth.

Martin-Philippe Racine

Vice-President, General Manager

Martin-Philippe Racine is an attentive manager with over 20 years experience in business strategy, marketing and operational management. He has worked primarily in the distribution, manufacture and marketing of technological products and automobiles. He has also acted as a consultant to large enterprises in the successful introduction of management systems and marketing models focused on customer service and profitability. Martin-Philippe is above all a team player who shares his spirit of entrepreneurship and corporate experience.

Thomas Ogier

Operations Manager

Thomas Ogier comes to us from Montpellier, France, where he completed his studies in engineering. Before settling in Quebec, he further advanced his skills on the international stage in the USA and Brazil. Thomas has specialized technical vision and expertise, notably in the fields of wind energy and telecommunications, where he has earned well-deserved praise from our clients. As the company’s operations manager, his duties put him behind a desk but his heart and mind are never far from what is happening out in the field.

Marie Coderre

Director of Finance and Administration

With her university studies in accounting sciences behind her, Marie Coderre went to work as a consultant. In the first years of her career, she assisted SMEs in a variety of industries. Then her path fortuitously led her to TRJ TÉLÉCOM, of which Marie is a founding member, contributing to the very foundations of the enterprise at its creation. Her financial and administrative expertise, as well as her steadfast devotion, lends stability and quiet confidence to all in the vigorous pursuit of the company’s success.

Jacques Meilleur

Director – Outsourcing Division

Jacques Meilleur has worked in telecommunications for more than 30 years. This well-seasoned manager has touched the many different facets of the IT production chain. As leader of this important division, Jacques puts that experience to work for TRJ TÉLÉCOM.

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Our promise

TRJ TÉLÉCOM applies an integrated approach to projects, including turnkey solutions. We always strive to exceed our clients’ goals and expectations. Our promise is this: to maintain firm control of project costs through our extensive field experience, best practices and strict monitoring to suit the tightest of budgets and deadlines.

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