Network Operations

The start-up of a network is a singularly critical step in its life. This involves setting up the system and maintaining it at top-quality performance. It also touches on fibre optic connections, trunk cables, distribution cables and so on. The overall objective is simple: maintaining the signal at maximum capacity, from source to subscriber.

When it is well done, the benefits to the enterprise are significant:

  • Client specifications and standards are met
  • Improved overall performance of IT personnel
  • Improved network productivity

TRJ TÉLÉCOM modernizes and maintains telecommunications networks

Network start-up is one of the first steps taken in a telecommunications project. This is why TRJ TÉLÉCOM has in-house experts who specialize in telecommunications start-up projects.

Over the years we have developed the following approach:

  • Situation analysis and diagnostic
  • Network installation and set-up
  • Network repair and optimization

TRJ TÉLÉCOM has assembled a team that works closely with clients with an eye to long term relationships, and the ability to follow up with future network modernization and maintenance projects.

Are you looking to start up a network or perform maintenance on the one you have in place?

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Outsourcing of Technical Services

There are circumstances, planned or unforeseen, that may lead a telecommunications enterprise to seek a one-off intervention by qualified personnel for a specific period of time. It could be a modernization project, a special project or several other situations.

It is during these times that you need to call on professionals ready and able to take on the increased work load. For a limited time, companies bring in the resources needed for as long as it takes to complete the job. This is a classic application of outsourcing.

It’s the best of both worlds: you get the benefits of an outside consultant and the practicality of an in-house employee.

 Some of the advantages are:

  • Less complex, smoother human resource management
  • First-rate expertise, for a specific need and pre-determined period
  • Access to qualified professionals, adding project flexibility

TRJ TÉLÉCOM provides technical outsourcing as a business solution

Our team of professionals has been assigned to the service of various businesses for several years, and has always done so in a timely manner. They have been called upon to implement the called-for solutions, on-site, while providing personalized service to the client. For companies, it’s the ideal situation: they benefit from the expertise of industry specialists without the hassles of personnel management.

There are many situations well-suited to the outsourcing of telecommunications work. These include:

  • The modernization of your network
  • Special projects
  • Significant accelerations in project deadlines

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Network Modernization and Maintenance

The telecommunications world continues to evolve at an exponential rate. Every day, we’re bombarded with business solutions: the Internet, VoIP, digital television in high definition, etc. Whatever the choice, one thing is certain: you need increased bandwidth to support these solutions and for that, you need a network that is up to date and up to the task. And for that…you need expert guidance to keep your telecommunications in step with the market.

The benefits of a regularly and well-maintained network include:

  • The best use of your company’s telecommunications system
  • Greater productivity (sufficient transfer rate, proper equipment, etc.)

TRJ TÉLÉCOM will modernize and maintain your telecommunications network

TRJ TÉLÉCOM’s approach is based on analysis and guidance. Our staff will bring specific solutions that answer your specific needs. Whether it’s modernization of your network or simply conducting maintenance, you get a complete solution … and a weight off your shoulders.

Some of the services offered by TRJ TÉLÉCOM include:

  • Updates on your standard operating procedures
  • Analysis and design according to the new demands of your network
  • Permit applications for the addition or dismantling of cables
  • Field studies of your existing network from geo-referenced maps

Do you want to modernize your telecommunications network or perform maintenance on it?

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Cable Installation—Overhead and Underground

In telecommunications, the establishment of new structures should be placed in the hands of expert, experienced cable installers to reduce worry and complication. It is a fact that the installation of overhead or underground cables demands a thorough understanding of the trade. The elements of the job may vary:  pole removal and installation, locating existing structures, installation and/or decommissioning of support structures, etc.

Choosing a specialized installation team brings numerous benefits to the client. For example:

  • The utmost in safety and security
  • Complete guidance through the process from experienced professionals
  • A full-service solution with experts ready to advise you on all your telecommunication questions

TRJ TÉLÉCOM provides expert service in cable installation

With specialized cable installation crews, TRJ TÉLÉCOM is able to offer you complete installation services for cables of all kinds. The company is certified for confined space and aerial work, so we can tackle any type of structure. Our experience includes projects with major enterprises as well as SMEs. Our people are extremely flexible in approach, as we serve a varied clientele.

Here are just a few examples of the services TRJ TÉLÉCOM provides in overhead and underground cable installation:

  • Dismantling of structures
  • Installation of coaxial cable
  • Installation of fibre optic cable
  • Removal of cables

Looking for the right company to install your cables?

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Fusion Splicing

The fusion splicing of optical fibres is indispensable to the development of telecommunications networks. The technique joins fibre optic cables together in order to ensure network continuity. It is employed, for example, to facilitate increased customer usage, for extension to a larger geographic area, to relieve traffic on specific sections of a network, and so on.

If the optical fibre fulfils multiple purposes, expert fusion splicing is critical for the precise functioning of the network. Some examples are:

  • Finely-tuned parameters that respond to geographic zone requirements
  • Highly-personalized customer service
  • Best possible utilization of the telecommunications network (load/usage not uniform across the network)

TRJ TÉLÉCOM possesses advanced expertise in fusion splicing

There are but a few who can call themselves masters in the profession of fusion splicing. TRJ TÉLÉCOM is a company that falls within that category. With our profound knowledge of networks and cutting-edge equipment, we are well-positioned to offer a complete range of high-tech services and materials. Our staff is fully trained and accredited to work on the gamut of networks (overhead and underground).

Here is a glimpse of what TRJ TÉLÉCOM can do for you:

  • Deployment of a FTTH network
  • Extension of your network
  • Diagnostic and repair of a fully-optical network (OTDR, OSA)
  • Re-organization and simplification of your network
  • Interventions on an active network

Do you have a project that requires fusion splicing? We can help.

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TRJ TÉLÉCOM applies an integrated approach to projects, including turnkey solutions. We always strive to exceed our clients’ goals and expectations. Our promise is this: to maintain firm control of project costs through our extensive field experience, best practices and strict monitoring to suit the tightest of budgets and deadlines.

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